Showers R DogGone Better without a Moldy Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain Mold Is disgusting and can be embarrassing when unexpected guests pop in for a stay-over. When those tiny black spots begin to appear on the the bathroom tile, walls and the shower curtain; you know that you’ve got a problem. Shower curtain molds come in many colors, sizes and shapes. Bathroom Molds may be pink or red and others are just plain black or dark green. Some of the mold colonies growing on a shower liner may come in multiple colors and not just one or the other. Either way, and for your health; They Gotta Go! Mold stains on your shower liner can appear overnight (it seems) if the humidity and other conditions are just right. And, preventing mold on shower curtain is so much easier than having to scrub it away. Mold on a shower curtain is unsightly and just plain dingy. If left unattended, the mold will continue to colonize and can cause health concerns for the very young and elderly. Remove Mold from Shower Curtain Naturally First things first; the shower curtain and...

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Removing Shower Mold Got You Bathing Outside?

Next to a flooded basement, the bathroom and shower area consistently provide mold with everything it needs to survive. Moisture and a consistent food source.  Body oils, hair and soap scum buildup are common cellulose materials on which mold feeds and survives on.  It is impossible to keep all of the moisture away.  However, you can keep its food source and humidity levels to a minimum with a sound shower mold removal plan. Remember, it is essential to correct any water leaks or other moisture issues first before beginning any shower mold restoration project. Removing shower mold can be a beast!  You can bring humidity levels down, maintain good housekeeping duties and even keep the pipes and shower drains operating efficiently.  At some point; you get a musty whiff of a bad smell coming from the drains or worse. It is unsightly, gross and simply embarrassing (especially with guests inbound)!  Worse, it can cause serious health issues if not cornered and conquered as quick and as safely possible. However, with consistent mold prevention practices on a weekly and or...

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How to Kill Black Mold without Killing the Environment!

  Don’t Be A Turkey! Sure, there are many black mold killing products available on the cheap.  And, some of these products will take care of your basic needs in your next mold removal project. However, several of these cleaning agents are highly toxic to use indoors – so be careful. And, great care should also be taken to insure that your work area is well ventilated and a respirator and gloves are worn while killing black mold in your home. Effective Black Mold Cleaning Products How to Kill Black Mold with Ammonia Killing Black Mold with Ammonia has its advantages. Its a good disinfectant and does a pretty good job of killing mold on hard, non-porous items. These items would include the bathroom sink, shower doors or kitchen counters. Ammonia is also cheap and easy to find in your local grocery or hardware stores. However, ammonia’s active ingredients (like bleach), do a lousy job of penetrating porous materials such as sheet rock, particle board or some of the traditional, drop-down ceiling tiles. In order to effectively kill mold,...

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Removing Bathroom Mold Got You Doing IT Outdoors?

Safety First – Before tearing out that wall or any bathroom tiles covered in mold growth; (Photo by sbennumi)  please be aware of other occupants in the residence that are breathing the same airspace as you. You may need to temporarily relocate any pets or people from the residence until Your Bathroom Mold Removal Plan is Completed. When Removing Bathroom Mold Take care of you! Especially, when taking on any mold cleaning project in confined spaces. Many standard bathrooms are built small with limited ventilation and good quality airspace from which to breathe. Wearing a respirator may be appropriate for your mold remediation project. If the visible or suspected affected areas of mold growth is more than nine square feet in area; it may be necessary to get the mold tested for toxicity before continuing your restoration work. If the contaminated area is manageable then lets move forward and get’r done! 8 Steps to Successful & Safe Mold Clean-Up Inspect and Resolve Moisture Problem Evacuate immediate area if needed Seal off Work Area – Minimize dust and potential airborne mold...

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Mold Unleashed


How to Remove Black Mold from Your Home and Business – Quickly and Safely!

by Wesley Sallinger 

Black Mold Removal MeHello and Welcome to Black Mold Removal at

Removing Black Mold is motivated by a desire to share collections of up-to-date data concerning toxic black mold and mildew. And, ultimately be shared with all of you that have had to deal with mold or mildew issues in your home, business and More Importantly; Your Health!

Black Mold Removal can be a labor intensive and time sensitive process. And, there are many variables and factors that will ultimately shape your mold remediation removal plan.  We are here to help! 

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Toxic Black Mold and Health Effects


Black Mold Exposure | Health Risks


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You Know What to Do!

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Mission Remediation

Removing Black Mold is a work IN progress to ultimately share valuable and up-to-date data concerning toxic black mold; and its dangers to You – The Homeowner.

Black Mold and its Toxic Mold Spores can be deadly to anyone coming in contact with this fungi. When our elderly, infants or anyone with an upper respiratory illness ingest these mycotoxins, it can be especially dangerous to their well being.

Therefore, it is our mission to provide you with natural and inexpensive ways to kill black mold; provide you with the fundamental characteristics of common mold genus and how to distinguish them from Toxic Black Mold; when to call your mold remediation specialist; when to evacuate or quarantine sections of your home – before beginning restoration projects; distinguish mold from mildew and ugly soap scum growth; AND, so much more..,

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Black Mold Remediation