Showers R DogGone Better without a Moldy Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain Mold Is disgusting and can be embarrassing when unexpected guests pop in for a stay-over. When those tiny black spots begin to appear on the the bathroom tile,...

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Removing Shower Mold Got You Bathing Outside?

Next to a flooded basement, the bathroom and shower area consistently provide mold with everything it needs to survive. Moisture and a consistent food source.  Body oils, hair...

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How to Kill Black Mold without Killing the Environment!

  Don’t Be A Turkey! Sure, there are many black mold killing products available on the cheap.  And, some of these products will take care of your basic needs in your...

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Removing Bathroom Mold Got You Doing IT Outdoors?

Safety First – Before tearing out that wall or any bathroom tiles covered in mold growth; (Photo by sbennumi)  please be aware of other occupants in the residence that are...

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Mold Unleashed


How to Remove Black Mold from Your Home and Business – Quickly and Safely!

by Wesley Sallinger 

Black Mold Removal MeHello and Welcome to Black Mold Removal at

Removing Black Mold is motivated by a desire to share collections of up-to-date data concerning toxic black mold and mildew. And, ultimately be shared with all of you that have had to deal with mold or mildew issues in your home, business and More Importantly; Your Health!

Black Mold Removal can be a labor intensive and time sensitive process. And, there are many variables and factors that will ultimately shape your mold remediation removal plan.  We are here to help! 

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Toxic Black Mold and Health Effects


Black Mold Exposure | Health Risks


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You Know What to Do!

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Mission Remediation

Removing Black Mold is a work IN progress to ultimately share valuable and up-to-date data concerning toxic black mold; and its dangers to You – The Homeowner.

Black Mold and its Toxic Mold Spores can be deadly to anyone coming in contact with this fungi. When our elderly, infants or anyone with an upper respiratory illness ingest these mycotoxins, it can be especially dangerous to their well being.

Therefore, it is our mission to provide you with natural and inexpensive ways to kill black mold; provide you with the fundamental characteristics of common mold genus and how to distinguish them from Toxic Black Mold; when to call your mold remediation specialist; when to evacuate or quarantine sections of your home – before beginning restoration projects; distinguish mold from mildew and ugly soap scum growth; AND, so much more..,

See you Inside!


Black Mold Remediation