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Professional Mold Testing Consultaton

Should I Buy a Property with Black Mold?

If you are a renter, you probably hate the idea of mold growing in your homes and would blame the landlord for not taking care of the house properly. However, mold in a property that you own can seem even

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Is Mold Covered By My Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners Mold Insurance Coverage | Are You Covered?

Mold is also known as mildew. These are terms used to describe more than 100,000 species of fungi. These spores are absolutely everywhere across the world. They become active in damp and dark places and

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Mold Fungus

Is Mold Testing Necessary for Your Home? How to Test for Black Mold at Home

Mold and its spores are a part of our everyday living and breathing space. And, while many molds are quite harmless, Black Mold and Black Mold Spores can be quite harmful to our health and do lead to many

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Mold Remediation

9 Ugly Truths About Mold Remediation: Mold Remediation Costs

Black Mold is toxic mold. It can cause health problems and is dangerous to have in your home. Black mold is a challenge that many people will run from, and for good reason. Unfortunately, not everyone

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