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How To Kill Black Mold On Wood

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Mold happens to the best of us. No matter how clean we keep our home, there are always those nooks and crannies we just don’t quite get too often enough. And if you combine that with humid conditions, you’ve got a budding mold problem on the way.

But fear not, you aren’t the first person to get mold and you won’t be the last, especially on wood surfaces. 

In this guide, we will give you all the info you need to know about what causes and how to prevent moldy wood, and then give you our recommendations about the products that are best for the job.

Mold on wood can be especially dangerous and difficult to avoid because it is a perfect environment for mold. 

So you need to be extra alert to check all the wood in your home and take the time to learn how to clean mold off wood. And save your wood from a reciprocating saw.

So read on if you want to know the essentials of how to recognize mold on wood and then get rid of the problem quickly and efficiently!

Home Armor FG502 Mold Stain Remover

Home Armor FG502

This convenient to use mold killing spray by Mold Armor is a highly effective product that will leave you stunned with the results.

This is a fast-acting and super powerful formula for killing mold. It is especially suited to killing black mold but it can really be used on any kind of mold. It’s so powerful that you don’t even need to scrub. Just spray and walk away!

As this stuff dries, it not only kills the mold but suffocates it and forms a protective seal that prevents new mold from taking root.

One note of caution is that this product is bleach-based. If you are planning to use it on wood, first try it on a small section that is out of sight.

This way you can check if it has any undesirable bleaching effects. It is safe for most woods but it’s best to test it first just to be on the safe side.

After testing, go ahead and spray over all the wood. You will not only treat the mold problem you have now but help prevent future ones from happening.

This is a great product if you are looking for a simple, powerful tool. Spray, walk away, and wait for results.


Concrobium 25326 Mold Control Spray

Siamons International Mold Control Spray

This is an extremely powerful mold killing spray from Siamons International. And it’s a large enough bottle to last you for a long time.

This is great for pretty much all wood in and out of the home. So you can keep mold under control everywhere! You can also use it on clothes, use it for mold on drywall, plastic, concrete, metal, stone, grout, brick and anything else in your home, car or boat!

And all you have to do is spray it on and let it dry. So whether you’re treating wood furniture, a composite wood deck, or any other type of wood, this spray will be completely safe and completely effective!

This is a great all-around product that is easy to use and effective for many uses. If you want a product you can keep in your cupboard and break out whenever a problem arises, this might be just what you are looking for.


Sporicidin Mold Stain Cleaner

Sporicidin Mold Stain Cleaner

This is a powerful and highly concentrated formula for treating mold. We love using it on wood because it doesn’t stain or corrode at all and it does truly amazing work.

This cleaner is really amazing. It’s more than you could have even expected to get out of a mold cleaner. Not only does it thoroughly kill mold but it’s also killing other dangerous pathogens in your home at the same time!

And what’s more, it will provide up to 6 full months of protection from mold and those other pathogens as well. So your home will be clean and safe at the microscopic level as well!

While the need to dilute the product before using is an extra step and a bit inconvenient, it is totally worth it. Because you don’t need to use much of this to get the powerful results. So you have a cleaner that is going to last for you a long time.

We also really love that it kills musty odors without just replacing that odor with an overpowering chemically fragrance. 

There is a faint fragrance to it but after diluting it, that almost completely disappears. It’s definitely far less overwhelming than the fragrances you will get from other mold killing products.

So if you want a product that kills not only mold but keeps your home safe from other dangerous pathogens, and you also want a product that will last you a long while, this might be the product for you.


Wet and Forget 10587 Mold Stain Remover

Wet and Forget 10587 Mold Stain Remover

This multi-purpose cleaner is a great option especially for those who need to treat wood that requires particularly special handling.

This product is ideal for your deck or any exterior part of your home that you need to treat for mold. The formula is powerful against mold, mildew and moss but specially designed not to harm your plants.

So if you’ve got your rose garden growing right along your deck, you can still treat the wood effectively without risking causing harm to your roses!

This gallon contains a concentrated formula that should be diluted with water before use. So you are actually getting an enormous amount of mold killer here.

The gallon can cover anywhere from 750 to 2,250 square feet of surface (the exact square footage depends on how porous the surface is).

All you have to do is dilute the product and then apply it to the affected surface. Then, just leave and let it dry on its own. You’re done! This stuff is really amazing and so easy to use!

This is a great product for a great value. It is especially useful for outdoor mold that may have developed.


Causes Of Mold

causes of mold

Mold spores are in the air everywhere, all the time, looking for a damp place to take root. And wood can provide one of the best environments for mold.

That’s because wood is a natural substance and porous enough that the mold spores have plenty of places to get in and start cultivating.

While a mold infestation happen can happen to anybody, there are a few things that will put you at higher risk of having moldy wood.

Here are some of the most common reasons:

As you can see, some of these things are really out of your control. You can’t control the weather, for example. However, others are things that you can prevent if you are proactive.

Here are a few tips for preventing some of these other causes of mold:

These are all important factors for keeping mold out of any wood in your house. But they are also helpful pieces of advice for keeping mold out of your floors, carpetshower curtain, or anywhere mold may arise!

These are great habits to get into during any routine maintenance of your house, and by forming these habits you are really saving yourself a lot of potential work down the line.

You can put reminders in your calendar to make sure you are staying up to date with your inspections.

In addition to practicing these preventative techniques, you also want to be alert to how to recognize mold in your home. We’ll talk about how to do that in the next section.

What Does Mold On Wood Look Like?

mold on wood example

Recognizing a mold problem on wood can be a little tricky sometimes. Because wood naturally has some color variation and a mold growth can happen so gradually that it looks like it’s just a natural feature of the wood.

This is why you have to be particularly alert, and learn to identify the signs properly so you don’t confuse it with something else.

Check for these signs of moldy wood:

If you suspect something might be mold but still aren’t quite sure, take a picture of it. Then, each week, take another picture of the same spot and see if the suspected spot is growing darker or spreading outward.

If so, it’s mold. You can also get mold testing kits that can tell you where concentrations of mold are in your home.

Learning to identify mold is the second most important step, behind overall mold prevention. So learn how to recognize the signs, because the problem could be worse than you think.

3 Types Of Mold On Wood

There are a lot of different kinds of mold that exist but not all of them are equally common. Luckily, the 3 most common ones can be recognized by their color. In this section, we’ll take a quick look at black mold, white mold, and green mold.

There are big differences between the different types of molds, so it is important that you learn to tell the difference to know the severity of the problem.

Black Mold On Wood

black mold on wood example

Black mold can be the most dangerous of the molds. This is toxic mold and it is highly dangerousto humans.

Before you run panicking out of your home, you should know that there are many types of mold and more than one kind that appears black. However, you don’t really want any mold in your home.

And if your notice black mold, you want to treat it as quickly as possible. Even though it may not be the highly toxic one, it’s still a good idea to just get rid of it.

There’s no real need to spend time testing it to figure out which particular strain it is since you don’t want mold of any kind anyway.

So remember, if you see mold in your house that appears black, don’t panic right away. The best thing you can do is, as with any mold, get rid of it.

It is especially important to look out for black mold though, as it does have the potential to be quite dangerous.

White Mold On Wood

white mold on wood example

White mold, like black mold, can also refer to a few different strains, none of which are especially harmful to human health. Although, a moldy environment in the home can still lead to respiratory problems like constant congestion.

Additionally, white mold will cause rot and permanent damage to wood if you don’t get rid of it.

So, even if it’s not seriously toxic, you’ll still want to get rid of it before it causes irreversible damage to your furniture, deck, or walls.

Green Mold On Wood

green mold on wood example

Again, quite a few different strains of mold will appear green. And green varieties of mold are especially common on wood that is outdoors but can be found indoors as well.

Many of these green varieties can cause respiratory infections like pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections, and inflammation of the lungs.

So while green mold it’s not quite as toxic as black mold, it’s still harmful to your health and definitely something you will want to make sure you get rid of as soon as you notice it.

Whatever the mold you notice in your house, the best solution is to have it removed right away.

However, we recognize that this is could be an expensive or time consuming process, so it is helpful to know which types of mold are more cause for concern.

What Kills Black Mold On Wood?

Now that you know how to recognize a mold problem on wood and even identify the type of mold you are dealing with it, it’s time to learn how to treat mold on wood. So in this section, we’ll talk about some of the things that can kill mold.

While there are quite a few products that can be used to kill mold, they aren’t always the best choice for using on wood. They are effective mold killing solutions but they might also damage the wood in the process.

You want to look for something that is non-corrosive and non-abrasive. Here are some options:

  • Diluted bleach
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Distilled white vinegar

These common household supplies can be very effective for removing surface mold.

How to Get Rid of Mold On Wood Furniture

mold on wood furniture example

There are a few different ways for how to clean mold off wood furniture.

Here are 2 of the methods we have found to be most effective:

  • Wiping furniture down with diluted dish detergent.
  • Wiping furniture down with diluted bleach.

In both cases, open up the windows and leave the furniture near them for better ventilation so that the wood dries as quickly as possible.

Good ventilation is key to dry the wood and also to remove any fumes or odors.

How To Remove Mold From Wood Floor

Here’s a basic process for getting rid of mold on wood floors:

How To Eliminate Mold On Wood Deck

eliminate mold on wood deck

Wood decks are especially prone to mold because they are outdoors and exposed to the elements.

Here’s what you can do do to remove mold from your wood deck:

How To Get Rid Of Mold On Composite Deck

Composite wood decks are a little trickier because it’s a lot more porous than a wood deck.

Here’s what you can do:

You may need to repeat this process a couple of times before all of the mold is removed.

3 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Black Mold On Wood

If you’re not a fan of using chemicals to treat a mold problem, you do have some natural options.

Distilled white vinegar. This will work but it may leave its own vinegar scent afterward. And the acidity may not be good on delicate wood.

Hydrogen peroxide diluted into water.

Air filter/ventilator. This won’t kill mold but it will remove mold spores from the air in your home which will prevent mold from growing again in the future.

And also keep your lungs safe from inhaling mold spores!

Avoid using baking soda. While it’s very effective for other surfaces, wood might be damaged by it.

Tools Needed to Get Rid of Mold On Wood

organic respirator

The exact tools you need will depend on the method you choose but here are a few of the items you might need to have on hand:

  • Air mask to prevent you from breathing in spores as you wipe them away and release them into the air.
  • Rubber gloves to protect hands from harsh chemicals
    ​Safety goggles to protect eyes from mold spores and harsh chemicals
  • ​HEPA filter vacuum (this is the kind of filter that is capable of removing mold spores
  • Soft scrub brush
  • Fresh, unused sponge
  • Sandpaper (for removing any leftover stain after the mold is killed)

Final Word

Mold is a dangerous thing to have in your home. And it can be even more dangerous when it’s in the wood. It will rot away and destroy wood if allowed to grow and spread too long.

So you definitely want to make sure you get the right mold cleaner for wood and take care of this problem right away!

Hopefully this article has helped give you the tools needed to prevent, identify, and solve your mold problem. As with many situations, it’s easier to deal with a problem if you can identify it early.

So be sure you know how to identify mold in your home, and find a product that is best for your needs. We think you will enjoy any one of our recommendations, as they have proven to be successful with mold remediation for many people.


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