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Best Organic Vapor Respirators – A complete Buyer’s Guide For 2021

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An organic respirator or organic vapor mask is designed to protect the user from inhaling hazardous atmospheres. This refers to particulate matter such as airborne microorganisms, dust as well as any dangerous fumes and gases.

They basically protect you against these particles and are intended for use in low hazard levels. They are also called air-purifying respirators as they clean the particles out of the air as you breathe it in.

When you hear the term organic vapors, it’s referring to liquids that evaporate quickly, therefore giving off vapors. These vapors are usually petroleum-based, and a few examples include nail polish remover, paint, gasoline, and the smell you get from permanent markers.

There are quite a few organic vapor respirators on the market and you need to know the difference between each type in order to know which is best suited to your situation.

Best Overall - ​PD-100 ​Organic Vapor Respirator

PD-100 Respirator

The PD-100 Full Face Organic Vapor Respirator is a heavy-duty filtration system. It is also 3M cartridge compatible and contains an impact-resistant lens.

This mask offers multipurpose protection as it’s perfect for working with toxic substances and videos chemicals. It’s also ideal for environments where you need pesticide protection, or you work with inspection equipment.

The mask is safe to use in a chemical product or health prevention environment and where environmental technology is used.

The item is also US distributed, so it contains English instructions and is of high quality. The full warranty offered gives you added peace of mind for your investment.

The mask contains a number of additional features that have been built into the facepiece such as a face seal in order to prevent gaskets from getting lost. It achieves this by using a bonded silicon gasket. The filter attachments are also easy to twist on and off.

This facepiece holds study with five straps that wrap around the head. This ultimately eliminates shifting that can either distract you on the job or would require frequent adjustment.

This industry-leading technology design has a large voice amplification diaphragm and anti fog air circulation. It has an ergonomic and lightweight design thanks to the high-density elastic straps.

Ultimately, it is designed with many characteristics in mind and makes use of high technology content. The activated carbon filtration and quick cartridge replacement are bonus features.

Communication is made easy thanks to the speaking diaphragm, which ensures convenience. You do not have to take off the mask if you can to communicate with anyone. It is also cool and comfy just in case you needed to use it for prolonged periods of time.

The respirator protects your face against flying debris is, and the chemicals have been tested to be N95 equivalent. This makes the mask ideal for mold remediation, chemical projects as well as disaster relief and pesticide protection jobs.



Runner-Up - ​3M Respirator

3M Organic Vapor Respirator

Designed for comfort, the 3M Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6900 is lightweight and well-balanced. It also has a silicone face seal to ensure both comfort as well as durability.

Breathing easier and remaining cool is easy thanks to the 3M cool flow valve. This model contains a unique center adapter that directs your exhaled breath downward so that your mask is never too moist.

Because it has a large lens, it provides a wide field of view. Distortion is also limited thanks to the integrated optical correction function.

Feel free to use it with 3M particulate filters and chemical cartridges which aids in respiratory protection against particulates. It’s also useful in keeping you safe from fumes, mold, gases, and other chemical vapors.

As per the manufacturer, wearing the mask the right way will ensure the proper results. So always ensure that you follow the user instructions. A user seal check is also recommended and provided in the user instructions.

This step includes testing for positive pressure, negative pressure using the filters, and negative again using the cartridges.



Alternative - ​​​PD-101 N95 Respirator

PD-101 N95 Respirator

​The PD-101 Full Face N95 Respirator is ideal for working with toxic substances and chemicals as well. Perfect for pesticide protection, inspection equipment, chemicals labs as well as environmental technology projects.

It is US distributed, so it’s high-quality and comes with English instructions. It is a premium full-face mask, and there is a 100% moneyback guarantee.

The mask works with N95 equivalent filters and is 3M cartridge compatible. It also has an impact-resistant lens. This offers professional heavy-duty protection.

The industry-leading technology design has a large voice amplification diaphragm as well as a lightweight and ergonomic design. There’s also antifog air circulation, easy dual filter replacement, and high-density elastic straps.

It’s developed with various characteristics in mind, especially high-technology content, it’s also beautiful in appearance and comfortable to wear. The quick cartridge replacement and portable design are bonuses.

The activated carbon filtration system is convenient too. The PD 101 face shield has a wide view perspective so you can see things clearly and from a wide-angle. It’s built to provide clean and consistent air supply and protect your face from flying to debris.

This makes it perfect for emergencies and exposure to industrial vapors and chemical agents. This is a must for preppers.

The chemicals you are protected against include gasoline, nitroalkane, gasoline, carbon dioxide, nitrobenzene gases as well as organic vapor such as acetone and alcohols. Mold remediation and disaster relief is also no match for this mask.



UOPASD Organic Vapor Respirator

UOPASD Organic Vapor Respirator

The Organic Vapor Respirator full-face gas mask with Double Activated Carbon Air Filter is a protective mask and is made from premium non-toxic material.

NIOSH also certifies it. They head-belt inspired design is firm and comfortable and ensures a sturdy grip. It also has an anti-scratch lens and an anti-scratch lense to ensure that your lenses remain clear the entire time.

This also makes for excellent visibility, and there’s an adequate amount of airflow to ensure that your lenses stay clear and fog-free. There is an audio device, and sound transmission is clear.

It protects against a wide variety of chemicals, including spray paint, petroleum, and metallurgy. When you purchase this mask, you are promised a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you get a full refund in the event that you are not happy.



Best For The Money - ​​​T-60 Respirator

T-60 Respirator

The T-60 Respirator Dual N95 is made by Parcil Distribution and is trusted for both home and industrial use. Its primary purpose is to protect your nose and mouth from toxic substances and supply clean air while you’re using the mask.

Therefore it is ideal for exposure to vapors at home or in the workplace and exposure to chemical agents. It’s the perfect shield for strong odors and dangerous vapors.

The mask is made from the highest quality of silicone that ensures an airtight seal on your face.

The high-density elastic straps make the mask study and grip tightly onto your face. However, it still has an ergonomic, lightweight, and comfortable design. There’s an English instruction manual making it easy to figure things out for first time users.

This item is designed to protect against gasoline, dust, carbon dioxide, and various other chemicals gases and vapors. Therefore it is ideal for disaster relief and pesticide protection projects. The mask is ASTM certified and contains N95 filters.

When you purchase the mask, you get a one-year factory warranty so you can purchase with complete peace of mind.



Organic Vapor Respirators FAQ

​Organic Vapor Respirators are designed to protect the user from breathing in hazardous atmospheres. This includes particulate matters such as airborne microorganisms, dangerous fumes, dust as well as vapors and gases.

However there are various types of respirators out there, and if you intend on using an organic vapor respirator, then you will need to find out a bit more about the mask and exactly how it can protect you.

What Is An Organic Vapor Respirator?

organic respirator

Also known as a gas mask, an organic vapor respirator is a device that covers the face and removes or filters out fumes and dust in the air. Therefore it’s a device designed to make the air safe to breathe.

Most masks are designed to protect you from allergens, airborne viruses, dust, bacteria and even teargas. However organic vapor respirators are specifically designed to remove fumes from organic compounds.

The term “organic” is used to describe meat, produce, milk, and other farm products that are grown without any synthetic chemical input.

This means they are void of fertilizers, pesticides and hormones. The use of the word “organic” when discussing the organic vapor respirator has an entirely different meaning.

And this is based on what chemists refer to as organic carbon chemistry. Organic chemistry in a nutshell is a study of chemical compounds containing carbon and hydrogen.

There are quite a few organic compounds that are toxic if you breathe them in. So by using a vapor respirator, you are taking a necessary precaution to remain safe while working with these chemicals.

Perhaps one of the ideal places to witness this is a nail salon. You may be surprised to learn this, but fingernail polish contains an organic chemical which is commonly referred to as Toluene and it gives it that pungent smell, most people recognize in an instant.

Nail polish remover as well has an easily identifiable smell and contains an organic compound known as acetone. Both of these organic chemicals release toxic vapors into the air. And since both are health hazards, neither one of them should be inhaled.

While you may have seen workers in nail salons wearing paper masks or thin cloth over their noses and mouths, it’s not as effective as wearing an organic vapor respirator.

This type of respirator prevents the toxic fumes released by organic compounds and prevents inhalation. Some of these toxins may enter the body as vapors and this can damage mucous membranes in the eyes, nose and throat.

It can, in addition, cause extreme discomfort. In a nutshell, the more dangerous or hazardous or toxic chemical is, the more severe the irritation may be. In some cases it is extremely unpleasant to endure, and by simply using the mask, you can avoid these uncomfortable symptoms.

Some chemicals build up in the body over time and may cause cancer or infertility. How the vapor mask works is by using a cartridge that is filled with something called active charcoal. The fumes must pass through the active charcoal before it enters the body.

So basically what the charcoal does is extract or absorb the fumes from these organic compounds and inevitably keeps them from being inhaled.

These cartridges eventually must be replaced. Although the paper and cloth masks will help a bit, it cannot remove the organic fumes or extract it the same way that organic respirators do and this is why the respirators are so important for your health and well-being.

​What Is Considered An Organic Vapor?

​Organic compounds refer to an extremely wide range of chemicals. Most people think of something alive when they hear the word “organic” and assume it’s coming from living things. However, this is not really the case.

Organic compounds are anything that contains carbon. Carbon is the primary building block of all organic matter. When petroleum and oil were once living things, and therefore they contain carbon which is known as an organic compound.

Oil can be converted to other things such as paint, gasoline, perfumes thinner and plastics, etc., so all of these materials are considered organic compounds.

Organic vapors refer specifically to liquids that evaporate quickly. Hence the term “vapors.” Most of the organic vapors are petroleum-based, and some examples are nail polish remover, paint, and nail polish itself.

What Is An Organic Vapor Respirator Used For?

Organic vapor respirator for mold removal

When choosing a respirator, it must be selected for protection against a specific hazard. Also, the restriction, limitations, and cautions provided with it must be adhered to strictly.

If a mask does not seal all the way tightly around your face when you inhale, there is a possibility you could breathe in the contaminated air as it leaks around the edges.

So anything that keeps the facemask from gripping tightly on your face such as long sideburns, a beard, etc., may cause leakage.

Respirators are available in different sizes and styles and fit different people differently, primarily because people’s faces all shaped uniquely.

So you need some training to know exactly how to use the mask correctly and keep it on as well. This information is usually provided by the supplier of the mask.

The filter cartridges will protect against specific inhaled airborne substances only. Therefore certain chemicals could be absorbed through the skin.

So carefully select your respirator to ensure that it works adequately. Also, combine it with protective clothing to prevent your skin from absorbing these harmful chemicals.

Organic respirator masks are used in various situations and worksites. It is ideal for use when dealing with pesticides and other hazardous environments.

It is always important to note the manufactures information on whether or not the mask will protect you against certain hazards.

One example of this is smoke particles. Since it quickly clogs the mask and the mask filters, you need special chemical filters to protect against the carbon monoxide and other gases that fires emit.

Not all gas masks are made equal; not all will allow you to escape from these hazards. You also need to make sure that your respirator will not melt when exposed to fire.

You should also take note of the amount of time that the respirator will work. This depends on the filtering capacity of the mask and the amount of hazard that’s in the air.

So the more chemicals and biological hazards circulating in the air, the shorter the time you mask will last.

Inevitably there is no specific time limit, and it depends on your respirators capabilities.

Ideally, your mask should be used in any environment where organic matter and organic vapor is present.

​Can A Person With Asthma Wear A Respirator?

​It is important to note that respirators have limitations. That said, not anyone can wear a respirator. This is primarily because breathing through a mask is harder than breathing the open air.

So in most cases, people with lung diseases such as emphysema or asthma will not be able to use respirators. Older adults and those who have trouble breathing generally should also steer clear of these masks.

Some people may not have breathing problems, but they may suffer from conditions that claustrophobia and therefore wearing a mask is also not recommended for these people.

If you have vision problems, you may also experience trouble seeing through the mask, and therefore there would be no point to wearing one.

​Protect Yourself From Organic Vapors

If you work in hazardous conditions or places where you are exposed to organic matter and vapors, you need to wear a mask. 

An organic vapor respirator is specifically designed to prevent the inhalation of these harmful gases, chemicals, and vapors.

So ensure that you take the necessary precautions, safeguard your health and well-being and wear a respirator mask and safety equipment when you are in contact with these harmful substances.


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